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Dear visitors to this website,
Welcome to the homepage of Berufskolleg Rheydt-Mülfort für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, a vocational college for economy and administration in Mönchengladbach.

Today it is more or less taken for granted that schools, especially vocational colleges, have got their own web sites and administrate them independently. If you take your time to read our pages you will learn a lot about our work in class and educational work with trainees from different industries, pupils and students.

This web site will help you to get along with our training on offer. Our vocational college tries to achieve common aims in the various training programmes: Professional qualification is our main objective, so we prepare our pupils for work life and offer them chances for further qualification. In this context we also set a high value on general education and offer training courses in which the pupils can acquire different German school-leaving qualifications like the CSE (secondary modern school), the GCSE (higher secondary school) and the technical college entrance qualification.

We understand ourselves as a centre of excellence of the region and feel constrained to support a forward-looking training in this region. We also do not forget about the internationality of our school work and have established contacts to partner schools in different European countries. “More than just a school”, which is our school motto, means for us that everyday-life at school comprises more than the timetable suggests.

If you have further questions about the courses and activities at our school do not hesitate to contact us. Our teachers and fellow employees will be pleased to help you.

These sites will be updated regularly, so it might be worth having more than just one glance at our homepage. Please enjoy surfing on our web pages!
We are always grateful for new ideas.

Thank you for your visit.


Saturday, 21 October 2017


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